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Blue Crystal 2 Set

Blue Crystal 2 Set

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Recommended for all skin types especially sensitive & delicate skin types

Makari Blue Crystal infused with Glutathione heals and revitalizes skin with vitamins, antioxidants and natural botanicals restoring its radiant glow. It stimulates cell renewal, tightens the appearance of the skin, reveals a more even toned skin and boosts vibrancy leaving your skin softer, silkier and younger-looking.

Set Includes:

  • Blue Crystal Revivify Beauty Bar Soap
  • Blue Crystal Skin Reviving Body Lotion -USE ON BODY ONLY.


Recommended for all skin types especially sensitive and delicate skin types

  • Bar Soap: Lather soap and massage onto face and body. Rinse
  • Body Lotion: Apply on body only. Massage in circular motions onto targeted areas until completely absorbed into skin

Use daily for best results.


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