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Makari Rejuvenating Kit

Makari Rejuvenating Kit

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Improve skin radiance with the perfect Makari Rejuvenating Kit. It is a 3-pc set which will hydrate, smooth and glam up your skin

  • Body Lotion improves suppleness & diminishes look of stretch marks
  • 24K Shimmer Dry Oil illuminates and gives a glowing finishing touch
  • Night Face Cream exfoliates and buffs away dead skin cells

This Makari Glow Kit Includes:

  1. Velvet Rose Advanced Intense Smoothing Body Lotion 
  2. 24K Multi Purpose Dry Oil 
  3. Night Radiance Face Cream



Body Lotion & Shimmer Dry Oil Recommended for all skin types

Night Face Cream Recommended for dry & maturing skin types

  • Moisturize and Brighten Face: Apply Night Radiance Face Cream on freshly cleansed face and neck. Use daily at night time
  • Tone and Improve suppleness: Apply Velvet Rose Advanced Intense Smoothing Body Lotion all over body daily. Body Only Product. Do not apply to face or neck
  • Glow and Illuminate face, body &/or hair: Apply 24K Multi Purpose Dry Oil on areas as needed or mix a few drops to body lotion, face moisturizer or foundation in palms. Do not mix in bottle.
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