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Exclusive Toning Milk Soap & Serum

Exclusive Toning Milk Soap & Serum

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Exclusive Toning Milk

Powerful effective skin lightening toner infused with a potent concentration of brightening botanicals effectively illuminates skin tone diminishing the appearance of stubborn hyper pigmented dis-coloration and helps create an even, uniformed-looking complexion. Must be used with glycerin or botanical oil to keep skin well hydrated.  BODY ONLY  product. DO NOT USE ON FACE.

  • Brightens and illuminates skin tone
  • Evens and unify complexion
  • Moisturise and softens
  • Recommended for all skin types except sensitive

Exclusive Exfoliating Soap 

Unveil luminous skin with this advanced brightening exfoliating bar that cleanses impurities, exfoliates dull, dead skin and promotes a clear, unified skin tone.

  • Detoxifies and exfoliates
  • Clarifies dark spots and blemishes
  • Enhances skin's luminosity
  • Recommended for all skin types, except sensitive

Exclusive Toning Serum

This potent skin lightening serum is a lightweight, power-packed gel-cream which effectively lightens deeply pigmented skin concerns such as dark spots, sun burn, dark knuckles, and acne blemishes or can be used as a lightening booster to intensify skin radiance when mixed with milks, lotions, creams, gels, or serums.  


  • Promotes skin tone clarity and complexion uniformity
  • Used to spot treat and remove areas of dis-coloration on face and body
  • Helps boost lightening when mixed with other products for stubborn skin
  • Use as recommended for optimal results
  • Recommended for all skin types except sensitive skin
  • Do not apply all over face or body!



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