General FAQ

How Fast Can I Expect To See Results?

Most people see results between 2-4 weeks, however, depending on the skin type it may take up to three months to see visible results.

Are The Products 100% Natural?

Unlike most skincare products, all ingredients in those products are 100% natural derived from plant extracts, such as mulberry leaves, lemon leaves, wheat germ,

glutathione, corn, etc. None of the products contain hydroquinone. The active ingredient is called vegeclarine, a plant derivative. Some products also contain caviar extracts, a unique ingredient that helps lighten and control melanin production.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If applied as directed and the correct products for the skin type are selected, there should be no side effects. Sensitive skins should always check before if the product is designed for sensitive skins. Important: If one who is allergic to any sea products, the products should not be used.

Which Product Is The Most Effective?

We have a few different collections based on different strengths and some different skin types. Our strongest lightening collections are the Exclusive & Extreme Argan & Carrot Oil Collections. For Anti Aging & Dry, Maturing skins, the 24K Rose Gold & Caviar collections produce best results for younger looking skin. For Mild Lightening the Blue Crystal & Classic collections are recommended. For very mild brightening and to help maintain skin tone, the Naturalle collections are recommended.

Do The Products Work On Indian, Asian, Latino Or Caucasian Skin As Well?

Makari products work well on any type of melanin rich skin. Since there are so many different skin types, results may vary.\

What Is The Difference Between The Day And The Night Radiance Face Creams The Night Radiance Face Cream is more oily and moisturizing than the Day Radiance Face Cream. For drier skin the Night Radiance Face Cream is more moisturizing. For Oily or Normal skin, the Day Radiance Face Cream is more suitable. Additionally, the Day Radiance Face Cream contains SPF15.

Do The Products Contain Sunscreen?

The Day Radiance Face Cream & Naturalle collection products contain sunscreen. In addition, we carry 2 sunscreens to apply as the top layer before being under the sun. We highly recommend using sunscreen to prevent pigmentation from forming when using a product without sunscreen protection.

Do The Products Remove Harsh Marks, Blemishes, Liver Spots Or Stretch Marks?Yes, for harsh marks on body, we recommend using one of our strong serums or spot corrector pen on the pigmented area. For stretch marks, we recommend rubbing the Botanical Body Oil in the area and then applying the 24K Rose Gold Beauty Milk on that area to restore collagen. For dark spots, hyperpigmentation & acne scars on face, we recommend using the Skin Repairing & Clarifying Serum on the pigmented areas.

Do The Products Work On Melasma?

Yes, although the treatment can take relatively up to a year long, additional use of a good sunscreen and sun avoidance is essential.

How Many Shades Lighter Can The Products Lighten?

Each collection has a different strength. Our strongest collections the Exclusive & Extreme Argan & Carrot Oil lighten up to five shades, depending on the length of use and skin type.

Do The Products Help Eliminate And Prevent Acne?

The Deep Cleansing Face Lotion, Brightening Exfoliating Soap & Sulfur Acnyl Soap are all super deep cleansing products fighting against acne and other bacterial breakouts. The Pimple Drying Treatment treats acne and whiteheads by shrinking and drying it out. It is also important to apply the products gently, in order not to irritate the skin.

Is It Okay To Mix Using The Products?

Makari does not recommend using other lightening brand products in coherence with the Makari regimen. Also, it is not recommended to physically mix two products in a bottle. If mixing glycerin with body lotion, either apply one on top of the other, or mix in palms right before applying.

Can The Products Be Used During Pregnancy Or Nursing?

Despite being 100% natural and safe to use, Makari always recommends consulting a physician prior using any products during pregnancy or nursing.