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Makari Eye Shadow Palette

Makari Eye Shadow Palette

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Get the eyes to envy with this covetable, limited-edition Makari palette. A dynamic eyeshadow palette with 18 shades in three unique textures:

9 creamy mattes, 6 shimmering pearl shades, and 3 duo-chrome toppers. 

This palette contains: 

  • 18 Eyeshadow palettes in following colors: Ruri, Opal, Marit, Beryl, Amber, Agate, Gemma, Goldie, Penina, Amethyst, Ruby, Crystal, Soraya, Pink Diamond, Emerald, Jasper, Garnet, Carnelian
  • Eyeshadow Brush Included in set


Take proper amount of desired eye shadow color on brush. Apply on the eyelid and eye sockets lightly to finish a stereoscopic eye makeup fast and easily If any discomfort or sensitive reaction is found, please stop using it immediately.

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